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We promote and support the use of computer technology to assist people with special needs

Barrier Free Computing

About the Scheme
Barrier-Free Computing has been established to provide access to computers for people experiencing disability, with assistance available as required. It is recognised that most publicly available computers (e.g. those in libraries, Internet cafes or schools) are often inaccessible to people with disabilities.   This scheme fills that gap.

The initiative is similar to that offered by Senior Net for older citizens, whereby participants can work on activities of their own choosing in a friendly and supportive setting. In addition to being able to work on the computers, there is the opportunity for socialising with others with similar interests.

While the scheme is not primarily intended as a training course, assistance is available to those who are novice computer users. More experienced users can work at their own level.  Barrier Free Computing Tutors are experienced and capable instructors. 

Tutors are available to assist people to work on projects and activities of their own choosing be it:

  • basic to advanced computer skills
  • sending an email to a friend
  • researching a homework project
  • writing up a university assignment
  • playing games
  • accessing the Internet
  • literacy or numeracy development
  • using a variety of software applications
  • and so on...

Barrier Free Computing is currently operating from the New Brighton Public Library.

Hours of Operation
New Brighton Public Library - Saturdays between 10:00am and 12:00 noon.

Booking In
As the number of computers available at the library is limited, it is necessary to book your place in advance for Saturday sessions, otherwise places will be allocated on a first come - first served basis. Bookings may be made during sessions on Saturdays for the following week.

There is no charge to attend Barrier Free supported computing sessions.  Standard library printing and copying costs apply if these services are used.